Protesters take concerns to Wacker in Bradley County Friday morning

(Image: WTVC)

A group of protesters gathered outside the Wacker property near Charleston in Bradley County Friday morning.

Those protesters say they are not satisfied with Wacker's response to last week's explosion that injured 13 people.

Wacker apologized to the community on Thursday in a full-page ad that appeared in the Chattanooga Times Free-Press and the Cleveland Daily Banner.

But many residents we spoke with say they are still unsatisfied, and are calling for Wacker to have a plan in place to more effectively let the public know anytime there's a problem at the plant.

The protesters tell reporter Katherine Marchand that they plan to stay there as long as it takes.

We have a crew live on the scene of the protests. Watch for live updates on Good Morning Chattanooga.

Depend on us for updates as we get them.

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