Program helps teens aging out of foster care into new support system

Image: WTVC

A new program is helping transition teenagers aging out of foster care into a new support system.

Victory Lap is letting people between 18 and 21 in foster care to live at a senior residence home.

Rosemary Ramsey with Victory Lap says the biggest challenges are homelessness unemployment and a lack of connection to caring adults.

She says a retirement community is a natural fit.

John Payne is the first person to participate in Victory Lap.

He says he's excited to finally have his own space, especially after living with 11 other boys.

"We didn't really have labels on our own food so sometimes a lot of my own food would be going missing and I'd have less to eat during the month," Payne says.

John will be spending his time working at East Ridge Residence Kitchen getting to know the senior residents.

He is enrolled at Chattanooga State and hopes to one day become a technical analyst for the FBI.

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