Reaction to Volkswagen Chattanooga voting to not unionize

Reaction Friday night and Saturday morning. Image by WTVC.

It's a mix of emotions that range from being ecstatic to disliking.. the outcome of the final vote for Volkswagen Chattanooga.. to not become a union.

For some...Friday night was a night of celebration

"I am excited about the results," says Volkswagen employer Matthew Barnett.

Barnett works at the Volkswagen Chattanooga plant at the body shop and closure line...he says he's glad the vote ended the way it did. His reasoning...

"Where I work, I have no complaints, I have a great job, I have great insurance, I'm taken care of I'm able to pay my bills.

One day after this vote... the reaction to the final vote is NOT the same...

U-A-W chief Spokesperson Brian Rothenberg says although the vote didn't go the way he had wished...he still amends the workers for trying.

"I think that the ones, especially the ones that worked towards getting a union are very brave", says Rothenberg.

That he believes the vote was delayed because of financial reasons...

"1,700 votes and figured it would be close...there was a lot of money spent by outside influences and politicians getting involved," says Rothenberg.

Volkswagon Chattanooga discussed unionizing in 2014; however, the results that year also gave the union a thumbs down... with 53% voting no and 47% voting yes.

776 employees voted for UAW representation and 833 employees voted against UAW representation.

While Rothenberg is for the union forming at Volkswagen Chattanooga.. there are people like Matthew Barnett that say it's a breath of fresh air for him.

"I'm happy with the way things are I don't mind the way things are I come to work every day and Volkswagen to me doesn't ask a lot," says Barnett.

Rothenberg says Volkswagen Chattanooga workers will remain not unionized at this time.

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