Polk County High School evacuated after device found in bathroom, all students safe

A photo of the device, taken by the stepson of a viewer, who gave us permission on Twitter to use this photo.

Students at Polk County High School, forced to evacuate after a bomb-like device is found inside the boy's bathroom Friday.

Both parents and grandparents wasted no time picking up their children once they learned of what happened.

Callie Roberts can't help but cry before parents knew a bomb squad determined the device was a fake.

"It could have been a tragic thing," said Roberts.

Roberts wasted no time, picking up her grandson, John from school.

"I was very worried about him. There's much going on in the world, it's a terrible situation," said Roberts.

Instead of sitting in a classroom and learning, students were escorted to the football field, after what someone found in the boys' bathroom.

"It was scary enough to sober me up really quickly. When I saw it, my reaction was, wow," said Polk County Schools Superintendent, Dr. James Jones.

It was a small box that mimicked what Polk County Schools James Jones' called initially, a crude attempt at making an explosive device.

"It's scary. It's a scary situation that probably every superintendent's nightmare," said Dr. Jones.

The Bomb Squad soon determined, it was fake and students were let back inside.

But Jones says, the thought of what could have happened scares him.

"Just the knowledge of how easy that could be to actually happen is a very strange feeling," said Dr. Jones.

Dr. Jones cancelled classes at Polk County High for the rest of the day but students that were not able to be picked up or drive, were allowed to stay until the end of the day.

NewsChannel 9 asked Jones if they planned on pressing any charges. Dr. Jones says it's all up to the school district's attorney.

You can see the list of developments throughout the day below.



Dr. Jones tells NewsChannel 9 that a bomb squad has deemed the device not a threat.

Classes are cancelled at the school, but the school will remain open until all students can be picked up.

Depend on us for updates.


Polk County School Superintendent Dr. James Jones tells NewsChannel 9 that a device was discovered in a bathroom at Polk County High School, forcing an evacuation of the school.

Dr. Jones says all the students are safe, and a bomb squad is inspecting the device right now.

Dr. Jones says the device was 2 to 3 inches in length, and appears to be an attempt at a crude explosive. However, the nature of the device has not yet been confirmed.

Dr. Jones says students will have the option to go home for the day, but the school will remain open for any students who aren't able to drive home or have a parent pick them up.

This is a developing story, and we have a crew on the way to the scene. Depend on us to bring you the latest details as we get them.

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