Police report: 10-year-old in Bradley Co. accidentally shot himself with his parents' gun

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A ten year old boy accidentally shoots himself in Bradley County, and according to an incident report he used his parent's gun.

Family says the boy is ok and now out of the hospital.

Tuesday, NewsChannel 9 pieced together what happened through a police report and emergency radio traffic.

We learned the boy's mother tried to take him to the hospital herself. She only got about three miles down the road before calling EMS.

Her son was transferred into an ambulance near the intersection of APD 40 and Benton Pike.

According to a police report, the 10-year-old was in his bedroom when he accidentally shot himself in the arm.

His parents told officers that he was talking to his friend on the computer when they heard a gunshot.

His parents also told police they didn't know he had gotten a hold of the gun they'd "put up in a safe place." The police report doesn't specify if it was locked up.

Warren Duncan owns a gun shop.

He showed NewsChannel 9 the best way to secure a gun. He says ultimately, no place is safe for a loaded gun unless it's locked.

"The kids are watching all the time," Duncan said. "If we are hiding something, we are probably really not hiding it."

Beth Joslin Roth works with an organization pushing for harsher penalties on adults who leave a loaded gun in a place where a child can get a hold of it.

"What we have seen is that most often there are no charges brought against the adult gun owner, and it becomes sort of this ambiguous area where the district attorney has to decide whether or not they want to file charges," Roth said.

After the shooting, the police report says officers got the Department of Children's Services involved, but no charges have been filed.

NewsChannel 9 called the DA's office to ask if they were considering filing charges in the case. We have not heard back.

Family did not want to talk with us about what happened the night of the shooting. They say their child is doing well though and they are thankful the situation did not turn out worse.

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