Bystander in Fort Oglethorpe shoots robbery suspect twice Tuesday morning

Images: WTVC/Fort Oglethorpe Police Dept.

Fort Oglethorpe Police say a man at a coin-operated laundry recognized a Walgreens robbery suspect early Tuesday morning, and ended up shooting him twice with his personal weapon.

Police in East Ridge say the suspect, later identified as Shaun Sisk, then took off in a stolen car, later crashing it outside a home on Frawley Street.

Fort Oglethorpe Police say the story began at the Wash Daze Coin Laundry, at 1868 Old Lafayette Road, shortly before dawn.

The citizen recognized Sisk as the Walgreens robbery suspect from last week, called police, and tried to keep Sisk from getting away.

But police say Sisk did get away. But not before the citizen fired his weapon. A release from the FOPD says, "The confrontation resulted in the citizen firing two shots from their personal firearm at Mr. Sisk, while during the incident the citizen perceived they were endangered by Mr. Sisk's actions."

Sisk then drove north, crossing into Tennessee, and crashing his car at that home on Frawley Road.

Other police departments from East Ridge and Chattanooga picked up the investigation there. Officers stayed on the scene for several hours.

Sisk was taken to the hospital, and released with non-life-threatening wounds several hours later. He was then booked on several charges in several jurisdictions.

Fort Oglethorpe Police did not identify the citizen who shot Sisk.

This is a developing story. Depend on NewsChanel 9 to bring you updates as we learn them.

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