Plane Makes Emergency Landing at Chattanooga Airport


A plane has safely landed at the Chattanooga Airport after having to make an emergency landing.

According to airport and local fire officials, Allegiant Air flight 760 from Orlando to Cedar Rapids had trouble with the right engine mid flight.

About a dozen emergency vehicles were dispatched to the airport in the case something went wrong on landing. The plane landed safely without incident.

Capt. Chuck Hartung with the Chattanooga Fire Department says the plane was traveling at 32,000 feet and was 35 miles South of Chattanooga when the engine trouble began.

Passengers described hearing a boom and then a change in noise within the cabin. Passengers also tell us the airline staff handled the situation well and everyone remained relatively calm.

No word yet on exact cause. Allegiant Air is flying a plane from Las Vegas to Chattanooga to pick up the 156 people who were on board and take them to their final destination in Iowa.

Depend on us to keep you updated as we work to gather more information.

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