Pit Bull rescue group confronts woman about leaving dog outside

Picture: Gail Murphy

The power of social media brought people to a home in Bradley County Tuesday.

A picture of a dog, left outside in a cage, continues to circle on Facebook leaving many in the community upset.

The dog's owner was not pleased when 'Fighting For The Bullys Pit Bull Rescue,' a group from Knoxville, confronted her about the dog.

The picture shows a pit bull locked outside in a cage.

Neighbors claim the dog sits in the cage, in the heat, every day.

"We all have pets and we love our dogs like they're family, and this dog is clearly not being cared for. This dog is being kept outside in a tiny crate the size of its body," said Vanessa Curley, Chattanooga citizen.

"I know that you guys think you are doing the best you can do with her, but being in a crate out in this heat is not right. It's not the thing for her," said Carla Welch, Fighting For The Bullys Pit Bull Rescue.

The owner says the dog is just fine.

"She's not beaten. She's not starved. None of that. So, I can't leave her in the cage outside when I leave," the owner asked?

Members of the animal rescue group asked the owner if they could take the dog from her.

"No, you're not gonna take my (expletive) dog. I've paid 500 dollars for my dog," the owner said.

The owner made all of us leave the property after we tried to get her to tell her side of the story.

She says she's keeping her dog. Then, slammed her front door shut.

"We will get this dog safe. No dog deserves to bake in the burning up sun," Welch said.

A sheriff's office spokesperson tells us deputies checked out the dog.

The spokesperson says the dog has adequate water, food and shelter and they've instructed the animal rescue group to file a court order instead.

With that court order, a judge will determine if the animal was abused or not.

Today, when our crews were at the home - we never saw a pit bull outside.

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