Pink, plastic bags show up on Signal Mountain mailboxes prompting questions and concerns

Pink, plastic bag (Image: WTVC)

Pink, plastic bags were placed on multiple mailboxes in Signal Mountain on Monday.

A message on the bags asks people to fill the bag with clothing, electronics and more.

The instructions say someone will pick up the bags on Wednesday, and take them to their charity.

Signal Mountain Police say they received numerous calls from citizens with questions and concerns about the bags.

Clothing for a Cause is the organization listed on the pink bag.

A blue note was stapled to it with the name of another organization: Hope for Domestic Violence.

It says any contributions will go to help victims of domestic violence.

Signal Mountain residents we spoke with say they're hesitant to donate to the to a cause.

Something stood out this afternoon when Jeff and Susanne Caplenor pulled into the neighborhood they've called home for 20 years.

"I didn't know what they were, but every mailbox had one on it," said Jeff Caplenor.

Signal Mountain Police say this is the first time the pink bags have made an appearance in the city.

They don't know who is handing them out or why.

"The only thing we know right now is that whoever is leaving them on the mailboxes does not have a permit for solicitation inside the city limits of Signal Mountain," said Sergeant Marcus Bingham with the Signal Mountain Police Department.

Sergeant Bingham says several citizens called the department today with concerns about the bags.

"It was pretty non-descriptive. I wasn't really familiar with whose promoting it. It seemed a little suspicious especially when they said it was a tax write off," said

Leanne Carbone isn't the only one who has questions, so did we.

When you go to the website listed on both the bag and attached form, two links are listed under charities.

When you click on those links, one takes you do a site prompting users to purchase a domain name. The other, takes you to advertisement site.

We tried calling both of the numbers listed on the bag and blue attachment. One rang continuously with no answer. The other sent callers to a voicemail that was full.

According to an article in the Tennessean from 2014,Tennessee imposed a $45,000 civil penalty against NSPIRE Outreach, which Secretary of State Tre Hargett says is also known as Hope for Domestic Violence, the organization listed on the blue attachment.

Signal Mountain Police say to call them if you see anyone handing out the bags. That way, they can let them know they're soliciting without a permit.

One caller told us, the same pink bags, were handed out in Hixson last week.

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