"Perry's Promise" offers help to elderly and poor pet owners

"Perry's Promise" offers help to elderly and poor pet owners. Photo: WTVC

A new nonprofit organization "Perry's Promise" was recently formed by animal lovers in Walker County.

Janice Williams, a board member for organization, tells NewsChannel 9 its goal is to eliminate the number of unwanted animals that are abandoned, abused, sheltered, and euthanized.

The group, which formed three months ago, fights against the increasing number of animals in shelters through one of their programs, "Wags of Wheels." Perry's Promise partners with The Haven and Meals on Wheels to provide senior citizens who can't easily leave their house with pet food and other pet essentials.

Perry's Promise says this helps seniors keep their pets and avoid surrendering their animals to shelters. The group also helps those who have trouble paying for costly pet services, like spaying and neutering.

The organization's board members say they hope to have enough money in the next month to begin providing neuter and spay payment assistance to those in their community. Perry's Promise" says they will be funding their initiatives through grants and donations from the public.

If you would like to contribute to their initiatives, visit the Perry's Promise Facebook page and click the "Use App" button.

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