Wife asks victim not to call cops after peeping tom films dressing room at Opry Mills Mall

MGN Online/Metro Police photo

Metro Police say the wife of an alleged peeping tom tried to convince a woman he was filming in the dressing room to not call the police.

According to court documents, Steven Murdock, 55, was at the H&M at Opry Mills Mall Tuesday night when he approached the victim and guided her to a dressing room stall. Police say as the woman was undressing, she noticed a small black object in the corner of the stall. She quickly realized it was a phone with the camera pointed at her.

The victim quickly got dressed and exited the stall to try to get someone to help call for the police. While she was trying to get help, Murdock exited from the next dressing room stall where the victim saw the phone had been filming her. She confronted Murdock and saw that he wast deleting pictures on his phone, including photos of her.

At this point, Murdock's wife approached the victim and asked her to settle the matter without calling the police. The victim declined and Murdock was soon arrested.

He was charged with unlawful photography and was released from the Davidson County jail on $1,000 bond.

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