Passenger describes emergency landing at Chattanooga Airport

There were tense moments Thursday morning when a plane carrying 156 people made an emergency landing in Chattanooga.

"We heard an unusual noise. Something we've never heard on a flight before," said Matt Starkweather a passenger on board the flight.

Allegiant Air flight 760 made an unexpected stop in Chattanooga. It departed Orlando shortly before 6:30am and was headed to Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

"We kind of knew that something was not right," said Starkweather.

Starkweather and his wife were in Orlando visiting family. They were heading home to Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

"Like a boom. I guess it sounded like we hit something," said Starkweather explaining what he heard.

At 32,000 feet and roughly 35 miles from Chattanooga, the sound inside the cabin changed.

"You could definitely tell that we were on one engine."

Airport and fire department officials say the plane had trouble with it's right engine and requested an emergency landing.

"They told us we'd be landing in Chattanooga in 5-10 minutes and to prepare for landing."

Starkweather says the crew was calm and didn't give a reason to panic or mention an emergency.

"None of the kids got scared or anything like that. There was no panic or anything at all on the plane," said Starkweather expressing appreciation for the pilots and crew.

With everyone safe, Starkweather and his family now focused on 2016.

"Hopefully we get home in time to take a power nap and get our plans ready for tonight," said Starkweather.

Passengers tell us Allegiant Air had another Aircraft flown to Chattanooga from Las Vegas. That plane will pick up the passengers and take them to their final destination in Iowa.

In a release, Allegiant Air states "passengers who choose not to travel [on the connecting flight] will receive a refund. Passengers are also being offered $100 dollars off vouchers for future travel and the option to change their current reservation to another flight in our system."

Allegiant Air also states the aircraft has been taken out of service and will be thoroughly inspected to determine the cause.

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