Pass It Down is helping families capture and save personal stories and memories

Chris Cummings, founder of Pass It Down.

Pass it Down is a way to capture and preserve stories and memories forever.

Maybe it's a grandparent telling you stories about members of the family you never got a chance to meet, or parents saving memories of children as they grow.

A few years ago Pass It Down founder Chris Cummings was working as a lawyer until his mother became ill.

"My mom had multiple sclerosis, and she developed early onset dementia when she was forty-eight," Chris Cummings said. "I became my mom's caretaker and power of attorney, and I saw first hand what it was like for my mom to see her memories begin to slip away."

Chris wanted to find a way that every family could save their memories.

"Pass It Down is a digital platform that provides all of the questions a biographer would ask," Mr. Cummings said. "(The platform asks) Questions about child hood, questions about your life, questions about your career and education, the little things that people want to know, and then it guides you through a process week by week to be able to capture this story using a phone, tablet, or computer."

Chris launched the site in April of last year. You can use the site to collect your family story, or a story about your community, or about a specific event in history. Pass it down is a new way of passing stories from generation to generation.

"It's really rare for anyone to actually to take the time to stop and really record the most valuable person's memories in your life, and we wanted to help people, you know, overcome that hurdle," Mr. Cummings said.

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