Opossum receives blessing at Ringgold United Methodist Church on Saturday

Melissa Holcombe holds Calvin the opossum. Photo: WTVC

Some people believe anything is "[O]possum-ble" with God's blessing.

That is especially true now for Calvin the opossum's caretaker, Melissa Holcombe.

Holcombe volunteers with Opie Acres—a rehab facility in our area for hawks, owls, skunks and all other sorts of wildlife, but more specifically, opossums.

She says Calvin was rescued and could not be released back into the wild. He know serves as an animal ambassador for the rehab facility.

"We take him out to different events in the area and to schools to let people know about opossums and how good they are for our environment," Holcombe said. "They're misunderstood a bit."

Holcombe says that's why it was especially important to get Calvin blessed at her church--Ringgold United Methodist Church-- at their blessing of the pets ceremony on Saturday morning.

"With Calvin being new to the animal ambassador role...it's important for him to have an opportunity to be out in this community,' she said." "We are very much into being inclusive of people and their animals."

The senior pastor for the church, Chris Bryant, is the one who blessed Calvin on Saturday morning.

“People typically don’t think of opossum as good pets or as domesticated at all," Bryant said. "But of course the one that was blessed today will be used for educational purposes and frankly, he was a cute little guy.”

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