Ooltewah teen once called Houston home, now wants to give back to victims

An Ooltewah teen wants to start a food drive at her high school to help those in need after Hurricane Harvey. The project hits close to her heart, because she was born and raised in Houston. (Image: WTVC)

Kayla Morley packed clothes in boxes a year ago to move from Houston, TX to Ooltewah, TN. Now, she's using those same boxes and sending them back to Houston.

Since Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas, several cities have suffered destructive flooding, rain, and wind. Among those victims, are family and friends of Morley's family.

"When I moved here, I kinda talked about Texas a lot because that's all I've ever known," she said. The 16 year old teen now wants to take action by starting a food drive at her high school.

"I know a lot of people lost their whole houses," said Morley. "My best friend, she literally only has a bag of clothes that she lives out of because that's all she had time to grab."

Morley's family used to live in Highlands, TX, right on the coast of the state. That area was hit hard by Hurricane Harvey. Their friends and family don't live far from there. Both Morley and her parents were born and raised in the area.

"My sisters, my niece, my nephews, family friends, mother-in-law," said Lajuanna Edgar, Morley's mother.

Those members of the family experienced the heavy floods and destruction that almost all of the Houston area felt. They've also struggled with getting consistent cell service as well. Because this storm literally hit close to home, it made Morley want to take action

"I thought about if I could ask the administration at my school to ask students, and the other teachers and parents to bring up any clothes or food, blankets, anything they can for us to donate to Red Cross of Houston," said Morley.

Morley is a junior at Ooltewah High School. She plans to pitch the idea to the school's principal Wednesday morning.

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