'Now I have a purpose' - former homeless Chattanooga man helps get others off the street

Bryan Dumas used to be homeless. He now lives and works at the Union Gospel Mission. (Image: WTVC)

This Labor Day, a Chattanooga non-profit hosted a fundraising barbecue aimed at helping homeless men get back on their feet.

Bryan Dumas spent two weeks preparing the feast, which included slow cooked chicken and pork.

He takes pride in his work, and serving our community.

"It's what I feel like God has called me to do now," Dumas said.

Bryan used to be homeless, but now lives and works at the Union Gospel Mission.

The fundraiser benefits the mission.

Part of the group's purpose is to help men get off the streets and find God's will for their lives.

"You're out on the street and you don't think anybody cares, you don't know where your next meal is coming from, and it's just a hopeless feeling," Dumas said. "When somebody comes up and says that I care and I can help, it means all the world."

UGM Director Rev. Jon Rector says they expanded their annual fundraiser to include Friendship Baptist Church and New Haven Baptist Church.

We met Tom Sneed as he came to get plates of food for his family, and dropped off a donation.

"I've known Jon for many years, and I know the ministry that he's doing and how he's so effective in reaching men for Christ, so it's very important for me to help support him," Sneed said.

"Now I have a purpose and am able to help others," Dumas said.

Rector says they raised about half of the $7,500 goal.

If you would like to donate, click here.

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