New golf course on Lookout Mountain celebrates milestone

The Course at McLemore. Photo: WTVC

The first day of summer makes for a beautiful day at the golf course.

The McLemore resort community's golf course isn't going for just beautiful, though.

They're going for breathtaking.

On Friday, McLemore's golf club celebrated the groundbreaking for it's eventual clubhouse--located by the 18th hole on the edge of a cliff.

NewsChannel 9 got a unique view of the clubhouse's future location from 2,300 feet up in the air. The 18th hole itself sits at an altitude of 1,600 feet.

Rees Jones and Bill Bergin, who worked on the project, have been developing the renovation strategy for The Course at McLemore since 2017. Plans to build a resort in the same area were announced last year. The club's website says the updates to the course were meant to "adjust yardages in order to create more variety and to provide a world-class test for the game’s best players and accessibility for the beginners."

"We really have elevated the playability, the fun, the excitement. The course ebbs and flows between challenging holes and holes that will give you an opportunity," Bergin said.

Those involved with the massive project say the new course and clubhouse will not not just about "elevating" people's golf game. They hope it elevates the community, too.

"It's not just a clubhouse, it's not just for the golf course, it is the first community building for the neighborhood...we wanted to make everybody feel at ease, and comfortable, and provide a sense of awe, but also a sense of comfort," says Thomas Palmer, who spoke on a panel at Friday's groundbreaking.

The course will hold it's official round of golf tomorrow.

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