Neighbors say Walker County deputy saved their lives after he was shot

Sgt. Thomas Agredano was injured during a shooting in Rossville over the weekend. Neighbors say he protected them, even as he fought for his own life. (Images: Walker Co. Sheriff's Office, WTVC)

Sherman Thomas' truck is still parked in the gravel driveway. But Monday, the weathered green pickup has bullet holes.

“The cop hid right here,” said Clint O’Kelley, a neighbor next door to the crime.

The truck’s bullet hole lays inches from where Sgt. Thomas Agredano took cover in a shootout Sunday evening in Rossville.

O’Kelley was sitting down for dinner when he heard eight gun shots. He ran outside, only to be stopped immediately.

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“We hear this voice, ‘Get back in your house it's not safe’,” said O’Kelley. That voice belonged to Sgt. Agredano.

He didn’t tell neighbors he was shot or taking cover because Thomas was still firing rounds. Instead – he continued to protect others as he fought for his own life.

“He was standing here the whole time, you can see the bullet hole,” said O’Kelley.

Sheriff Steve Wilson says Thomas shot Sgt. Agredano in the leg. After surgery, the sergeant and veteran limped out of the hospital, ready to get home to his wife and kids.

“I was so relieved, I just hugged his neck for what seemed like forever,” said Wilson.

Relief that this shootout didn’t turn deadly. Not only for the deputies who responded, but the neighborhoods who stood feet from the fire.

“Do you think the officer saved your life? ‘No doubt there's no doubt’,” said O’Kelley.

Wilson says Thomas is still in the ICU at Erlanger Hospital.