National Weather Service confirms EF-1 tornado in Murray County

The National Weather Service confirms a brief EF-1 tornado hit Murray County Wednesday.

Less than 24 hours after a tornado ripped through Murray County, the damage assessments and clean up began.

"First time we've had this happen," said Murray County HS Athletic Director Greg Linder.

He's been the athletic director at Murray County High School for five years.

"Our baseball field house had quite extensive damage. The roof has been blown off and some water damage inside," Linder added.

But, that wasn't all.

"We had a set of bleachers where we're standing now. It was blown on the field, and it knocked our fence down," said Linder.

The strong winds even wrapped part of a tarp around a power pole.

"We re-did the brick wall about three years ago and re-did the netting and the posts in it. And, that's what's amazing to me is how much damage has been done to it," added Linder.

The damage so extensive it got the attention of the National Weather Service.

"It was in line with some of the more severe storms that trekked across the area yesterday afternoon. So, we wanted to come up here and get an idea of whether it was a straight line wind situation or a possible tornado," said David Nadler, National Weather Service - Atlanta.

Nadler later determined it was in fact a tornado.

"By us sort of taking pictures, and they're geo-coded, we can sort of overlay like radar with the actual damage indicators and get a better feel for what had happened yesterday," he added.

Linder doesn't know how much it'll cost to fix the facility, but says he feels for the players.

"I know right now they're very disappointed in having to be transplanted and moved other places," Linder said.

He hopes the players can see the positive in this.

"It can be a good thing too. They're gonna get some upgrades on some things hopefully and later on be able to come back," Linder said.

The team's next home game is on March 16.

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