Murray County authorities say 'dangerous' dog bit, attacked three people

Dog accused of biting three people at Emory Creek Trail in Murray County. (IMAGE: Lisa Green, Murray County Animal Shelter Executive Director.)

Murray County authorities say a brindle pit-mix attacked three people Saturday afternoon at Emory Creek Trail.

According to the complaint NewsChannel 9 received, one man had his ring finger on his left hand bitten off. A second victim told Murray County deputies the dog attacked her, leaving severe wounds on her calves. Both were taken to a Chattanooga hospital for trauma care.

A third victim received minor bites on her hands.

Lisa Green, the Murray County Animal Control director, says they captured the dog.

Green says their top priority now is to find the owner of the dog.

They also want to interview witnesses from the day of the attacks. Green says some of the witnesses think the man who was attacked was also the owner of the brindle dog. However, Green says that's not true. The man who lost his finger had his little dog on a leash, and the brindle dog attacked the smaller one. The man was bit when trying to break up to the two dogs. According to Green, that man left immediately to go to the hospital.

"We understand a situation like that can cause someone to panic but we really need to know who the owner is and that person needs to be responsible for the injuries this dog has caused," says Green.

The dog will be in quarantine until they can find the owner.

Anyone with information, or anyone who witnessed the attacks, is asked to contact Animal Control at 706-695-8003.

Murray County DOES have a leash law. You can see that here.

This is a developing news story. Depend on us for updates as we get them.

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