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Mother of Bentley Robbins speaks about aftermath following son's death

Bentley Robbins photo: Tasha Sizemore

The mother of Bentley Robbins spoke to NewsChannel 9 today about her son's life. Tasha Sizemore says she still doesn't know how her son died, with foul play still not being ruled out by authorities.

"I don't know if anyone is but if they are, they better hope that I don't get to them before police does."

Robbins was found dead in the woods behind Sizemore's home on October 3rd. Sizemore says people on social media have even accused herself, and her family, for causing Robbins' death.

"I mean I’m his mom I would never hurt my baby."

Lee Keeton, Sizemore's boyfriend, says he picked Robbins up from Chattanooga Valley Elementary because the school called saying the eight year old had thrown up.

"On the way home I asked him, I said what made you throw up? He said yeah I drank too much milk this morning. I said how many did you drink? He said oh four or five."

Keeton says once Robbins got home he took a nap, ate some food, then went to go play with his sister in the living room. That was the last time he was seen alive by Keeton. Bentley's mother not wanting to discuss what happened next.

"I can’t my PTSD is just too bad to go there right now."

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Sheriff Steve Wilson says autopsy results are expected 6 weeks from the completion of the autopsy according to the crime lab. The six week mark would be this Friday the 15th.

This is still an ongoing investigation. Depend on us to keep you updates as we get more information.

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