More than 300 jobs, $11 million in investments coming to rural East Tennessee towns

Gov. Bill Lee announces Stulz Air Technology is coming to Dayton. (Image: WTVC)

More than 300 jobs and 11 million dollars in investments are coming to rural towns in East Tennessee.

Governor Bill Lee announced on Wednesday that two different manufactures are setting up shop in Dunlap and Dayton.

"Out of all the places, they picked our state and this community," said Gov. Bill Lee.

Governor Bill Lee drove across Southeast Tennessee to deliver a message.

Hubner Manufacturing Corporation will create 66 jobs and invest $9.6 million in the Dunlap community.

The company will create rubber-based products for the transportation and aerospace industries.

Just up the road, Rhea County will get 250 more jobs when Air Technology Systems opens their new facility. The company will produce HVAC equipment.

"Anytime you have a 250 jobs announcement, people are excited. these are high paying jobs. these are going to be several dollars above our average," said Dennis Tumlin, Executive Director of Economic Development.

Tumlin says Stulz employees will get paid about $2.50 more an hour than the average worker in Rhea County.

Sequatchie County Executive Keith Cartwright says Hubner employees will also receive a higher rate of pay than the county average.

"This is a company that has a strong family, history and culture. they value their employees," said Cartwright.

According to Rob Rolfe who is the Commissioner for the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development, more than 120 German-based companies employ about 20,000 Tennesseans.

Hubner Manufacturing and Stulz Systems are both German-owned companies that added their names to the expanding list of foreign manufacturers coming to The Volunteer State.

"I’m a business person who recognizes that a skilled labor and a skilled work force is absolutely necessary in order for a business to thrive and particularly for one to grow," said Gov. Lee.

Hubner is hoping to start operations in January of 2020. The company is building a new 36,000 square-foot complex.

Stulz says they’ll start moving equipment into an existing facility in two weeks. Operations are expected to start in June of this year.

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