Mom says "I hope they really need it" after someone steals her car from Erlanger Hospital

2007 Pontiac GT G6. (Image courtesy Jessica Ottinger)

One mother is desperately searching for the car her family depends on.

Single mother of three Jessica Ottinger owns this 2007 GT G6 Pontiac. She says she hasn't seen it since Sunday, November 25th.

Jessica says her newborn was diagnosed with RSV and was struggling to breath.

She says she rushed her youngest child to Erlanger Children's hospital, parking in the garage on the second floor.

That was the last time she saw her car.

Garage managers told Jessica video surveillance shows a man breaking into the black and white car, and then driving out of the garage.

Jessica says her children's Christmas presents were in the trunk of the car along with items for her newborn. "Something simple as a baby book for a newborn, her bracelets, her memories - you know, stuff that might not mean nothing to the person that’s in the car. It means a lot to a mom."

She told NewsChannel 9's Taylor Stewart the loss of the items is hurtful, but she's more heartbroken by the act, wondering how someone could look at the car seats inside and still feel compelled to take the car.

She says the past two weeks have been hard on the whole family. She's having to borrow cars from friends and family to stay afloat, and as the holiday season rolls around it's glaringly obvious this Christmas will be a tight one.

Chattanooga Police are investigating the car theft that's hit this family hard. They say seven cars have been stolen from the same garage in the past year.

Jessica says she hopes the person who took it needed it far more and her and her three kids will.

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