Mom hosts a 'Stop the gun violence' block party on the same street her son was killed on

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Music blared from Germantown Road in East Chattanooga as people gathered for the fourth annual Kentrell Provens block party.

Kentrell was a 16 year-old sophomore at Brainerd High School when he was killed in drive by shooting in April of 2015.

The street once lined with yellow police tape, is now a place of celebration.

Kentrell's mother, Teresa Provens says she wants people to understand the pain gun violence causes in our area.

Teresa adds , "If I can get one day of laughter, just one day of laughter, that's one day I'm not crying."

Since her son's death, she's found herself at the center of a growing community of people who have loved ones to gun violence.

She says, "I'm really I'm tired of coming together every three months and we're going to this funeral home because another child is gone."

Kentrell's older sister, Curesha Proven's says today's block party is a way to rally people and spread the message everyone needs to hear.

She says, "It's not only to remember Kentrell but to have people come out and realize 'hey everybody's tired of the gun violence.'"

The person responsible for Ketrell Proven's death has not been identified by Chattanooga Police.

Anyone with tips is encouraged to come forward.

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