Missionary Ridge residents take steps to protect mail after string of thefts

Residents of Missionary Ridge say they are the victims of a wave of mail thefts. (Image: WTVC)

People who live on Missionary Ridge are getting creative to make sure their mail doesn't end up in the wrong hands.

Ron Morris, the Vice President of the Missionary Ridge Neighborhood Association, discussed the wave of mail thefts at a neighborhood meeting Thursday night.

Morris recently went out of town and had the post office hold his mail, but the day it was supposed to be delivered, his mailbox was empty.

"We were missing a whole week's worth of mail, which was bills from cell phones, which was retirement statements, which was a little bit of everything," Morris told NewsChannel 9.

He says many of his neighbors are finding themselves in the same situation.

"I have seen - on several occasions - mail taken out of boxes and strewn on the street after it has been gone through," said Ty York, who also lives on Missionary Ridge.

York moved from Florida to Chattanooga six years ago. He says before the move, he never had any issues with stolen mail.

"We don't put the flag up now when we have mail go out and normally anything with a check or anything valuable, we just take it straight to the post office," said York.

Morris signed up for "informed delivery," a free program from the United States Postal Service that sends you an email each day with a digital preview of the mail that's supposed to be in your box.

He hopes other neighbors will sign up too to get a jump on damage control.

"We'll at least be able to know what we're supposed to get each day," said Morris.

For tips to protect your mail, click here.

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