Judge sends Exxon murder suspect's case to Grand Jury


UPDATE: Disturbing new information emerging about the murder of West Nashville store Clerk John Stevens.

During a preliminary hearing Thursday, accused killer Daniel Clark listened to graphic details of the murder he's accused of committing.

"The victim was shot 10 times, two times to the head, two grazing wounds to the face, two to the heart, two more to the chest and then two, one in the abdomen and one in the upper shoulder," said Metro West Precinct Detective, Tim Weaver.

Detective Tim Weaver says surveillance video captured the shooting death of John Stevens and Clark's attempt to use the clerk's stolen keys.

"The keys didn't work so that's why they had to bust the window out. He shot it out. They got inside and the keys didn't work on the ignition so that's why they left," said Weaver.

Police captured Clark and 15 year old Trinity Quinn hiding in the woods near the Exxon.

Detective Weaver says Clark seemed concerned about Quinn during the interrogation, then offered a chilling explanation for the brutal murder.

"He blurted out, I shot him 8 times in the chest and once in the head," said Weaver. "I was like why so much and just the synopsis was, when he goes squirrel hunting he always carries a pistol with him so if he just injures the squirrel he can take it out of its misery."

After the graphic testimony the judge sends the case to a Davidson County Grand Jury to decide what's next for Clark.

Trinity Quinn is in juvenile custody.

A September hearing is set to whether teen will be transferred to adult court.


A Metro Police detective took the witness stand on Thursday in a preliminary hearing for Exxon murder suspect Daniel Clark.

Detective Weaver said Clark shot John Stevens, 58, 10 times the night of the murder. Weaver said Stevens was shot twice in the heart, twice in the head, twice in the chest area, once in the abdomen, once in the shoulder and two bullets gazed his face.

A judge found probable cause to send Clark's case to a Grand Jury.

Weaver was called to the Exxon along Charlotte Pike on the night of May 2. Weaver said surveillance video was clear and showed Clark and former AMBER Alert subject Trinity Quinn inside the store. Weaver then described the shooting wounds Stevens received.

The two then tried to steal a SUV outside the store, but were unsuccessful. Weaver said Clark and Quinn camped out overnight somewhere near I-40. The suspects were picked up the next day after they were spotted by a dump truck driver.

The believed murder weapon was found a few days later in the area that Quinn and Clark were staying in the woods.

Clark and Quinn are both facing criminal homicide charges. A hearing has been slated to determine if Quinn, 15, will be tried an an adult.

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