McKamey Animal Center hoping to find home for two long term residents

McKamey Animal Center. Image by WTVC

McKamey Animal Center is needing your help to find forever homes for two special animals there.

At McKamey, you will find dogs and cats of all breeds and all ages.

While some of them find homes sooner than others, some are also considered long term residents, staying more than thirty days.

"We want to do the best we can to promote them and find good permanent homes for them" says Spencer Smith with M.A.C.

Foster Coordinator Spencer Smith says this 8-year-old cat has been at the center since November, but that is not the only unique thing about him.

"He's missing one of his eyes" says Smith.

Smith says that shouldn't hold you back from adopting Dimples.

"He's been in here with the cats, and is very friendly to them, he's also friendly with other people" says Smith.

Just on the other side of the property, there are dozens of dogs also waiting to find in particular is not only another long-term resident, but a natural disaster rescue.

"She was transferred to us for hurricane relief from South Carolina, escaping Hurricane Florence" says Smith.

Seven year old Caroline has been here since September, the longest out of all the dogs there.

Smith says although she may be bouncy and playful, her older age makes her ready to retire.

"She's ready to retire to a home where she can be the only pet." says Smith.

But Smith says she is great with kids.

"She get's to go with our volunteers and 6th graders get to practice reading to her" says Smith

All together, both Dimples and Caroline are ready for their forever homes.

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