McCallie Freshman takes Puerto Rico aid into his own hands

Christian raised $250 for UNICEF by selling donuts at his school. (Courtesy: Christian Callejas)

One month after Hurricane Maria ravaged the U.S. island territory of Puerto Rico, millions live without the most basic daily items.

14 year old Christian Callejas decided to take matters into his own hands.

"He took it upon himself to really get everybody together, get everybody on board," Christian's mother, Patty, told NewsChannel 9.

The images coming out of Puerto Rico prompted Christian to search for ways to donate his own money to the cause.

"I found out that the UN has a program called UNICEF and right now they're raising funds for Puerto Rico," Christian told NewsChannel 9.

It didn't take long for the idea of a fundraiser to form.

Christian talked to his teachers and parents.

Together, they decided to sell donuts at McCallie to raise funds that would go toward "soap, toothbrushes, water purification tablets, sanitary items for women, and other items."

Christian raised $250 for UNICEF, his goal is $1,000.

The event went so well that he and his friends are now brainstorming ideas for a second fundraiser to be held this week or next.

"One of our ideas is like a traditional bake sale," Christian said.

The goal will remain the same, "helping our fellow people, fellow human beings."

You can make a direct donation to UNICEF here.

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