McCallie Ave. Salvation Army opens doors for people in need as temperatures drop

Salvation Army McCallue Ave. cold weather shelter. (Image: WTVC)

With temperatures hitting the upper 20's Friday night, the Salvation Army of Chattanooga cold weather shelter is opening its doors so people can have a place to escape the cold.

Lt. James Harvin says he understands what that experience is like to be left out in the cold. He says he and his father used to be homeless in New York before Salvation Army helped.

This is why he takes personal responsibility to make sure these people have a place to go when the temperatures dip.

Harvin oversees the Salvation Army on McCallie Avenue, and Friday night, they opened their doors for anyone who needed a place to stay warm and sleep.

42 in total, also getting provided food, coffee and entertainment.

Harvin saying with the holidays getting closer, this is the time to keep the focus on community.

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