Marion Co. man says family's 7-week-old puppies may have been poisoned

Parsons told us that he woke up Monday morning to find one of his 7-week-old puppies dead in his driveway, and the other three not at all like their playful selves. (Image: WTVC)

UPDATE (Friday):

We've received word that the three remaining puppies are on the mend!


The Marion County Sheriff's Office is now investigating how one puppy died and three others are in critical condition.

Sam Parsons, the owner of the 7-week-old puppies, says they ingested what appeared to be anti-freeze on a neighbor's property.

Parsons says he found one of the pups dead in his driveway Monday morning. The other three were very lethargic and not like their normal, playful selves.

"I just hope they pull through. Poor little things. They sure didn’t deserve this," Parsons told NewsChannel 9.

Parsons explained to us how he believes this all happened.

"As I came home [from work], poked around the yard, I found some trails of bread and some junk in the yard that’s usually not there," he said.

He went to investigate and took a video on his neighbor's property without permission.

He says he found a bowl with food, bread, and what appeared to be anti-freeze - something that can be deadly to dogs.

"Almost killed them, and it possibly has - they may not make it still," Parsons said.

He showed that video to his Veterinarian Colleen Smith. She examined the puppies and says they did show health problems, consistent with ingesting anti-freeze.

"Two of them - the urine did look pretty clean. One of them did have crystals in the urine already," Dr. Smith said.

Dr. Smith says if the dogs did in fact eat a small amount of anti-freeze they should be able to recover. She says it'll take at least another 24 hours to fully figure out what they may have eaten.

We reached out to Parsons' neighbors.

They would only give us a statement saying they have had issues with Parsons' adult dogs because they've been aggressive and on their property.

"We were told we had the right to harm the larger dogs if they came on our property but we have not done so because we had hoped that he would do the right thing."

We tried to find out from the sheriff's office if there have been complaints or issues reported at either home over the last year. We're still waiting to hear back.

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