Many residents worried about proposed development on Highway 58 and Clark Road

(Image: WTVC)

Many residents of Harrison are unhappy about a proposed development plan to build 234 apartments and a convenience store on Highway 58 and Clark Road.

The plan is to rezone and commercialize the 15 acres of land in the area, as explained by MAP engineers at a community meeting. They want to rezone the land from solely a residential area to a convenience commercial area as well – meaning things could get a lot busier there.

Commissioners are receiving some pushback from residents.

“I brought my family here to get away from the city life, and have a little bit of land and not be crowded on top of people,” said TJ Tallent, a local pastor and construction company owner.

Many homeowners are concerned the development would cause more traffic in an area that has just one main road. Also, they feel the safety of their kids could be jeopardized as they go to school and play, especially near a road where drivers often go above the speed limit.

“Unfortunately, the way people drive - the speed limit is 35 miles per hour, but people don’t go 35,” said Mary Amador, a Clark road resident of 8 months. “That could be an issue for children.”

On the other side, city commissioners and developers think this location is perfect since it’s near the Volkswagen plant, where there is a planned expansion of 1,000 workers.

Some residents are not as opposed to the plan, as long as developers keep their word.

“We’re not 100 percent opposed to it,” Amador said. “As long as it stays in keeping with the surroundings. If it stays in keeping with the neighborhood, and they do what they promised, we wouldn’t be that opposed to it.”

Just one commissioner voted in opposition to the rezoning request, and the City Council will vote on this July 9th.

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