Update: Man charged with stabbing 'longtime friend' in Rossville Friday night

Steven Whittaker is now in the Walker Co. Jail. (Images: Walker Co. Sheriff's Office, MGN)

UPDATE (Wednesday):

On Wednesday, the Walker County Sheriff's Office announced an arrest in this case.

Officers arrested 58-year-old Steven Whittaker of Rogers Road in Rossville Tuesday night and charged him with the stabbing of his long-time friend Lebron (Buddy) Hankins, Jr.

Detectives believe a fight between the two men led to the stabbing, and say evidence revealed that alcohol was a contributing factor in the death.

A preliminary autopsy report revealed that Hankins, Jr. received fifty cuts to his head, neck and face. It also revealed he was strangled, and his neck was broken.

Whittaker is now in the Walker County Jail.


The Walker County Sheriff's Office has yet to charge a person accused of stabbing and killing a man in Rossville Friday night.

According to a release, deputies responded to a 911 call on Rogers Road at 11 p.m.

Deputies found one person with injuries, and 62-year-old Lebron W. Hankins Jr. dead.

According to that release from the sheriff's office, the second person was treated for injuries at the hospital.

Deputies called it an altercation.

Investigators are trying to figure out if the surviving victim was acting in self-defense.

This is a developing story. Depend on NewsChannel 9 to update as we learn more.

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