Catoosa County student faces charges after threatening herself in social media post

Alexandria Justine Greene faces charges for making a false, threatening social media post. (Images: Catoosa Co. Sheriff's Dept./MGN-Pixabay)


Late Tuesday morning authorities arrested a second student in Catoosa County, this time from Lakeview Middle School.

We are working to get more details. Depend on us to keep you posted.


Catoosa County authorities have arrested a Ringgold High School student for making a threat on social media Monday night. The Snapchat post, which several concerned parents shared with NewsChannel 9, threatened violence, and repeatedly used the "n-word."

Tuesday morning on their Facebook page, the Catoosa County Sheriff's Department said that the student has now been arrested, and says that she made the post up.

Authorities later identified the student as 17-year-old Alexandria Justine Greene.

Sheriff Gary Sisk says "During the investigation, it was found that the “victim of the threat” had actually made a fake account on social media. She then made a post making it appear that she was being threatened to be killed at school the next day and sent the post to herself. She then began sharing the post with a number of other students causing great concern."

Meanwhile, the Hamilton County has also issued a news release, and says a total of two juvenile students now face charges in two unrelated incidents:

"A local female juvenile has been identified as the creator of the meme and charges will be filed in juvenile court against her for filing a false report due to the fact her actions caused great community alarm. After locating the creator of the meme, it was determined no real threat was viable. The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, Chattanooga Police Department, and East Ridge Police Department wish to make it clear that any and ALL threats or perceived threats against our community’s schools and our community’s children will be investigated. Any person found to be participating in creating hoaxes or threats will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Subsequently, there have been additional hoax threats made and currently a male juvenile student is also in custody from a different school with similar charges being filed in Juvenile Court. Furthermore, electronic devices used to facilitate and spread threats or hoaxes are subject to search and seizure. "

Many parents in Catoosa and Hamilton Counties chose to keep their kids home from school on Tuesday.

Central High parent Veronica Mendez didn't send her senior to school.

"It’s just not a risk that you want to take," said Mendez. "I mean we would rather have our child miss a day of school than to go to school and not come back home."

Schools officials reported the absence rate doubled at East Ridge High School and tripled at Ringgold High School.

Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond says parents need to talk to their kids about what they are doing on Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram.

"If they allow them to use social media, they need to understand the responsibility of how they use social media," Sheriff Hammond told NewsChannel 9. "You cannot take back what you put out there."

He also wants families to say something if they see something suspicious online.

Depend on us to keep you posted.


The Chattanooga Police Department says officers have investigated a potential school threat on social media posted Monday, and have determined that no schools are in any danger, but will have more officers on hand at area schools on Tuesday.

(Meanwhile, parents from other local school systems have also reported about recent posts from the past 24 hours that leave them concerned for their children's safety. Scroll down to the end of this story for more on that).

A release issued Tuesday says Chattanooga Police say officers are now working with its law enforcement partners to locate the person or people responsible for the post.

Police say the user name on the Snapchat post is JayNBee. The social media post contained no threats of violence, but warned students to not go to school on Tuesday.

Police say, "through the process we have found that reposters have no malicious intent."

The Chattanooga Police Department says it is taking this social media post seriously.

It says there will be additional police officers at schools on Tuesday as an extra means of security and to ease the concerns of parents and students.

The release concludes, "We are appreciative of students and parents reporting the post to law enforcement. We encourage anyone with any information that could be helpful in leading investigators to the source of the original post to contact CPD at 423-698-2525."

Several parents reached out to NewsChannel 9 about the posts late Monday night and early Tuesday morning.

And other parents from other area school systems have also reported other recent social media posts that concern them. NewsChannel 9 is working to confirm those reports with local police. This story will be updated once we do.

UPDATE: The Catoosa County School system sent out a text early Tuesday morning saying "A RHS student claimed to be threatened on social media last night. The student falsified the message and has been arrested."

NewsChannel 9 is working to get details on this incident from authorities in Catoosa County, and we will update you once we do.

These are the latest round of potential school threats that police have investigated.

Over the weekend, police in East Ridge Police investigated a student who made a post, who told officers he didn't mean it to be threatening.

Deputies in Bradley County arrested three students for school threats on Friday.

A Ringgold High School student was arrested last Thursday after police say he threatened a coach.

And there was extra police presence in Meigs County and McMinn County on Friday after reported threats there.

We spoke with parents on Friday who say the threats have left them rattled.

The threat concerns aren't just limited to the NewsChannel 9 viewing area.

In Tulare County, California, police arrested a teenager who threatened on social media to shoot up his school.

And in Spartanburg, South Carolina, a teenager was arrested after posting on Snapchat "Florida Round 2 tomorrow" last week.

Depend on us to keep you posted. This is a developing story and will be updated.

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