Letter: Internal investigation underway into East Ridge Police Chief J.R. Reed

(Image: WTVC)

On Thursday, NewsChannel 9 learned new information for why East Ridge Police Chief J.R. Reed was placed on administrative leave two weeks ago.

Assistant City Manager Kenny Custer sent a letter to Chief Reed on November 21st.

In it, Custer says the investigation relates to several matters, including:

  • An internal financial audit of confiscated funds and goods
  • Lack of department leadership
  • Management of investigations
  • Handling of open records requests
  • Allowing a hostile employee environment to exist

Custer told Reed he must comply with the investigation, and not contact any city staff or employees unless authorized to do so by Custer himself.

Reed was put on paid administrative leave, pending the outcome of the investigation.

In his place, Assistant Chief Stan Allen took on the role of acting chief of police in the city.

The investigation is ongoing - we'll let you know what happens.

You can read the letter to Chief Reed below.

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