Juveniles charged in Chattanooga with stealing vehicle, pointing gun at school bus

Image: MGN

Chattanooga Police say two juveniles face charges after they say one of them pointed a gun at a bus on the way to school from a stolen vehicle.

The incident happened Friday morning.

CPD spokesman Elisa Myzal says officers say one of four juveniles traveling in a stolen vehicle pointed a gun in the Alton Park area at a bus that was on its way to Orchard Knob Middle School (OKMS).

The bus continued on its route to the school. No one on the bus was hurt.

A short time later, the juvenile who pointed the gun was spotted on OKMS grounds, and detained, questioned and arrested. Myzal says the juvenile didn't have the gun at the time of the arrest.

Officers also later located the stolen vehicle and the other juveniles who were in the car.

Myzal says one juvenile involved was charged with reckless endangerment and unlawful possession of a weapon. Another juvenile was charged with motor vehicle theft.

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