Jasper man arrested in Bledsoe County for seeking sex with minor

Anthony Pippin was taken into custody and is awaiting a bond at the Bledsoe County Sheriff Department. (Images: BCSD's Facebook page / MGN)

The Bledsoe County Sheriff's Department (BCSD) has arrested a 52-year-old Jasper man after they say he tried to set up a sexual encounter with a 16-year-old girl.

A post on the BCSD's Facebook page says Anthony Pippin made arrangements online to meet up with the girl. But the "girl" turned out to be a Bledsoe County detective.

Police say Pippin contacted the girl's mother about some items he had for sale on a social media site. He asked the mother if the person he was talking to was the woman's daughter. The woman led him to believe he was, and learned he was trying to form an inappropriate relationship with her daughter, according to the BCSD. He reportedly wanted to meet to engage in sexual contact and criminal drug activities.

The mother reached out to Sergeant George Hodge with the BCSD, who then posed as the minor online, and gave Pippin a false address.

When Pippen arrived at the scene, instead of the girl, he was met by Sgt. Hodge and two other officers.

The BCSD says Pippin had no comment other than "Yes sir I understand." Pippin was taken into custody and is awaiting a bond at the Bledsoe County Sheriff Department..

The Bledsoe County Sheriff Department warns all parents to monitor the activities of their children on social media. Just a example how easy it is for suspects to lure in unsuspecting minors and follow through with the intent of sexual assault or worse.

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