Janet Hinds bonds out of jail again, judge orders new weekly drug/alcohol tests

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UPDATE (Thursday afternoon):

Late this afternoon, we learned that Janet Hinds made bond.

She is now back on house arrest.

Hinds will appear in court again in September. Her attorney and the state will likely set a trial date at that time, too.

Janet Hinds appeared in court Thursday morning - see our full coverage below.


The woman charged with hitting and killing a Chattanooga Police officer was back in court Thursday morning.

Janet Hinds was arrested late last month after authorities say she failed to show up for a random drug test, and then tested positive for alcohol the next day.



The state says they talked to a toxicologist who says the results likely are alcohol consumption 2-3 days prior to the test, not an environmental condition like hand sanitizer or other foods.

But Hinds' attorney, McGowen, says he's filed a report by the Dept. of Health that disputes the tests validity. McGowen says lots of things in Hinds' home have ethyl alcohol, like scented lotions, candles and cleaning products, saying they can make an ETG test unreliable.

Her attorney says they found a half-eaten chocolate cake in her fridge with icing that included vanilla extract. He argued this could create a false positive.

Judge Poole said it’s significant that Hinds called in everyday to her probation officer Sunday through Thursday as she was ordered. But on June 20th, she didn’t call, breaking her trend. The next day she tested positive for alcohol. Judge Poole says this doesn’t seem to be a coincidence. He then ruled that Hinds violated her bond.

The judge then ordered a bond $175,000, and ordered Hinds to be tested for drugs and alcohol once a week.

Hinds will appear on court again on September 4th.


Hinds is accused in the hit and run death of Chattanooga Police Officer Nicholas Galinger back in February. Prosecutors say she had been drinking when she struck Officer Galinger on Hamill Road.

Hinds had previously been released on bond, but has been behind bars this month, in anticipation of Thursday's hearing.

At a hearing after her most recent arrest, Hinds denied drinking alcohol, and her attorney blamed the food she ate.

Judge Poole ruled Hinds did violate her bond by not following up on the missed test. She has remained in jail since.

This is a developing story, and we have a crew in the courtroom. Depend on us to bring you updates as we get them.

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