'It's a beautiful course' - IRONMAN returns to Chattanooga

Belgium's Marino Vanhoenacker wins Ironman Chattanooga with a time of 18:12:22. (Courtesy: Ironman Organization)

The fourth annual IRONMAN 70.3 is this Sunday in Chattanooga.

We caught up with some athletes getting their last few practices in before the triathlon.

"You're training in your garage, you're training when people are sleeping, you're training at 4 a.m., 5 a.m.," Christine Martins said.

This will be Christine's first triathlon. Her goal is simple.

"I just want to enjoy the day and finish in a timely fashion without injury."

Her husband Bruno is her coach.

They're part of the YMCA's Precision Endurance team.

"On a weekly basis they might have somewhere between 15 to 20 hours of training," Bruno Martins said.

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The Martins are working with athletes from other states and countries, including Jose Canossa from Portugal.

"It's a beautiful course to do and I'm very excited to do so," Canossa said. "It's my first one and my brother-in-law is my coach."

Bruno's competed in triathlons around the world. He says Chattanooga is one of his favorite courses.

"If you look around all the bridges, the entire course is just gorgeous and I think it's a must-do for other people."

IRONMAN Village is getting set up to welcome more than 3,100 athletes.

"Everything from 180 porta-potties to all the tents and the water and everything you name it, we've got to get it here get it ready for the athletes, so it's a production," Race Director Brian Myrick said.

Christina Butcher was running on her lunch break Wednesday as the set-up was happening.

"I love that it brings people in and it gets people to see what Chattanooga is about and how it's such an outdoorsy city," Butcher said.

From 18 to 81 years old, crossing the finish line will be a big accomplishment for all.

"It's really inspiring to see what these people have done and how it's changed their lives," Myrick said.

"We can't wait to cross the finish line, I can't wait," Christine said.

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