"It terrified me": Security video shows armed chase suspect searching cars in Meigs County

New surveillance video shows Kendall Speegle Jr., the suspect in a multi-county chase, rummaging through the neighbors' cars with a gun slung over his back. (Images: Rhea Co. Sheriff's Office, viewer Tammie Jones)

Authorities jumped into the Tennessee River on Saturday after an auto theft suspect drove a stolen car into the water.

While that big piece of evidence is still underwater, new surveillance video shows the suspect rummaging through the neighbors' cars with a gun slung over his back.

"When I seen it, it terrified me," said Tammie Jones. She said she never thought something like this would happen on her Decatur property.

"I never ever in my days expected to see someone running through my yard trying to steal my vehicles with a gun on his back," said Jones.

Her son Josh had just gotten home and unloaded his car, made sure his doors were shut and went inside to shower.

What happened next in the surveillance video is what shocked Jones.

"He walked right past the back door with that gun... Could of come in and took him hostage, killed him... I was just thankful that God had us in another situation," said Jones.

Just two minutes after Josh walked inside, Kendall Speegle Jr. walked up to his car, and Jones believes he began searching for keys.

When he didn't find anything in the few cars on her property, he ran off to the neighbor's yard.

"Over to where my grandchildren stay every once in a while... and up on the hill where he stole the girl's car, the vehicle and drove it into the river," said Jones.

Just one minute after Speegle ran off Jones' property, police showed up and searched the area, eventually ending up in the Tennessee River a few miles away.

Soon after is when authorities caught up with Speegle in the river. He is currently being held in Rhea County.

As for Tammie Jones, she said she's not taking chances anymore. She's sharpening up on her shooting skills and is locking all of her doors, no matter what.

Authorities are hoping to get the car out of the river on Wednesday, but they have already retrieved two shotguns connected with the incident. One being the gun Speegle carried through Tammie Jones' yard.

This is a developing story - depend on us to update you as we learn more.

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