Chattanooga IRONMAN hosts former Olympian

Women athletes compete in IRONMAN 70.3 in Chattanooga. (Image: WTVC)


The first US female finisher of this weekend IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship was former Olympian Sarah True.

True told NewsChannel9 that she's been "doing this for years, it never gets old."

True was not the only one excited for the weekend's events. A local man says that he turned to triathlons after a family tragedy and never looked back.

"My older brother died, and it was a wake up call for me to get healthy, so 50 pounds later and tomorrow will be my 56th triathlon," Ed Rusk told NewsChannel9.

He says that participating in triathlons taught him so many life lessons, that he was able to apply them to his profession. Now he teaches a class at the Southern Adventist College called "Business lessons from IRONMAN Training."

Excitement is building for this weekend's IRONMAN competition.

And the IRONMAN village is growing on Chattanooga's Riverfront, as more and more athletes pile into the Scenic City.

Roads downtown are already closed for the big event.

We talked to a woman from Finland.

She's competed in several half-marathons across the country, but this is her first World Championship, and her first IRONMAN in America.

"Really hot water, nice people, and I think the roads are really good," said Carolena Granfors. "I expected traffic, but it's really nice out there."

The women compete on Saturday and the men will compete on Sunday.

Be sure to watch the growing excitement this Saturday and Sunday morning on Good Morning Chattanooga Weekend.

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