Double murder suspect calls Whitfield 911: "I just lost my mind"

Images: Whitfield Co. Jail/MGN

The Whitfield County Sheriff's Department is investigating after two women were found dead inside a home early Thursday morning.

Sheriff Scott Chitwood says the man who called 911 about the incident, Michael Brandon Townsend, is considered a suspect in the case.

The incident happened early Thursday morning at 234 Tanglewood Drive in Dalton.

Deputies arriving on the scene found two women dead from several blunt force trauma injuries, along with "suspected stabs/cut wounds to their body," according to a news release.

Townsend is now in custody. Sheriff Chitwood says he is currently cooperating with the Sheriff's office. He's charged with two counts of murder, two counts of aggravated assault, and one count of aggravated battery.

NewsChannel 9 obtained a recording of Townsend's 911 call, in which he says "I'm unarmed. And I'm not irate. I lost my mind earlier." He told dispatchers he choked both women.

The dispatcher asks, "Are they (the victims) related to you somehow?" He responds, "No ma'am, but they're like my family."

She asks him, "What made you want to hurt them?" and he replies, "Honestly I can't event remember what she said....She said something to me and I just lost my mind."

Residents say they didn't hear sirens or signs of struggle, but woke up to the news that two of their neighbors had been killed.

"I was shocked, I mean like really I didn't believe it. It’s so quiet and something like that happened so close to us, it’s scary," said Judy Castilo, a Tanglewood Drive resident.

Sadly, the two women weren't the only victims. According to the Whitfield County Animal Supporters' Facebook page, the deceased women's dog was also badly beaten.

"It makes me feel sad. I feel sad for that dog. It just breaks your heart," said Janice Farlett, a longtime Tanglewood Drive resident.

Neighbors say the women loved walking their dog up and down the street, adding that it’ll be sad to not see their familiar faces again.

"Well, it'll be hard tonight, but it'll be harder tonight because I'll have that on my mind," said Farlett.

Whitfield County Sheriff Scott Chitwood said Townsend has been cooperating with the investigation.

This is a developing story. Depend on us to bring you new information as we get it.

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