Individuals come together to sew quilts for Woodmore Elementary students

Quilts for children on bus during Talley Road accident

They don't all know each other and they don't know the kids in the Woodmore bus crash, but they are making a quilt for every child that was on the bus.

And by doing so, these women are making sure every child knows the quilt was made just for them.

"I'm going to embroider all their names on them, and personalize each quilt as much as we can," Stacy Slockbower said.

The project started here in Chattanooga, but people from all over the country are sending in squares of fabric and even some completed quilts.

"So far we have received from Littleton, Colorado, Carbondale, Illinois and we have others that are coming in that will probably come in the mail today," Cheryl Rossing said.

Helpers like Julie Turner will put all the pieces together, creating 37 quilts.

That's how many K-5th graders were on board the bus.

"I have a kindergartner and i can't imagine," Julie Turner said.

Six children will never have the opportunity to snuggle up in these quilts, but Cheryl Rossing says the hope is that they'll offer some comfort to the families of the young victims.

"So that they know that there are stranger out there that love them, that care for them," Rossing said.

"And that's the best way we know how to do it."

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