Hurricane dogs remain up for adoption at McKamey Animal Center

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After Hurricanes Harvey and Irma hit Texas and Florida, McKamey Animal Center sprang to action.

"We went and picked up as many as we could, brought them up here and then we're of course turning them around," Director of Operations Puala Hurn tells NewsChannel 9 at it's annual Barktober Fest.

The shelter brought in 83 animals in response to the hurricanes.

"There were shelters that actually called and said please come get our animals because if you don't by Wednesday we have to euthanize them because we have to get out of this area," Hurn says.

To make room for the new animals, Hurn and the shelter put out a plea to the public, " to come in and take our animals and then allow us to be able to bring those animals in."

Chattanoogans responded immediately.

"Chattanooga, that's what they do, they always step up and they come together," Jessica Deuster.

Deuster and her family decided to foster one of the hurricane dogs.

"We are we are loving her and giving her the home that she deserves and hopefully she's the right fit," Deuster says.

Hurn has been overwhelmed by the response from the public.

"Chattanooga is one of the most wonderful cities with regards to the generosity of people," Hurn says.

Months after Hurricane Harvey, McKamey is down to 3 Hurricane dogs in need of homes.

Mr. Dobalina is one of them.

At Barktober Fest, Mr. D. manned a kissing booth in an effort to speed along his search for a forever home and as a way to thank all of those who helped find homes for his friends.

McKamey is currently treating Mr. Dobalina for heart worms but shelter staff says he should be ready to go home with a loving family soon.

If you are interested in meeting Mr. D., head to McKamey Animal Center during normal business hours.

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