Hundreds turn out for United Way 'Day of Caring'

Close to 750 volunteers showed up at 30 different locations for The United Way of Greater Chattanooga's Day of Caring (Image: WTVC)

Making the Scenic City even more beautiful - that's the goal for The United Way of Greater Chattanooga's Day of Caring.

More than 750 volunteers at 30 different locations rolled up their sleeves, or picked up hammer for the annual event.

It's a tradition that's been going on in Chattanooga since 1999.

"Our feet may be sore, and we're kinda getting up in years, so there's a few aches and pains, but it's a lot of fun," volunteer Bobby Iles said.

Iles is part of a volunteer group from KenCo that's helping with landscaping at the Chattanooga Zoo.

Zoo officials said they normally have two landscapers. They had 30 on Thursday.

"What they're doing and have managed to get done in one day would take us several weeks," Chattanooga Zoo President Darde Long said.

Other volunteers, like Cherie Davis, talked about why she's donating her time.

"This is one of my passions - to give back to the community. I grew up here. I've seen Chattanooga go through all kinds of changes. It's a beautiful city. It's my favorite city in the whole world," Davis said.

United Way's Katy Beth Barber said this beautification blitz may be an annual event, but it's just one way people can get involved and volunteer.

"We want to make sure that Chattanooga is the best that it possibly can be. We are fighting for the health, education and the support of every person in the Tennessee Valley," Barber said.

United Way representatives tell us if you'd like to help right now they're looking for food donations, and caretakers.

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