How the government shutdown affects people who want a gun permit

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If you are currently looking to apply for a gun permit, the government shutdown won't cause any holdup.

Mark Haskins with Shooters Depot says that since the state handles these applications there shouldn't be any time added in the wait.

Although if you are applying for a silencer or a suppressor, that will have to go through the Federal Agency of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. So for that application, there may be some added wait time.

This is something Haskins says he doesn't foresee being a large issue.

"They aren't very common," he says, "we have them here but we don't see a lot of people coming in a shooting with them. People really just use them if they don't want to wear ear protection but in here you would just hear the people shooting next to you."

He also says that the wait for this application usually takes a while anyway.

"It really won't make much difference," he says.

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