Holocaust survivor to dedicate daffodils in Whitwell Middle School garden to child victims

Whitwell Middle School students planted 500 daffodils in October to remember children lost during the Holocaust. (Image via Whitwell Middle School).

Daffodils are blooming at Whitwell Middle School, and a child Holocaust survivor will dedicate the flowers to the children taken by the 1940s tragedy.

Back in October, students of Whitwell Middle, home of the Children's Holocaust Memorial, planted 500 daffodil bulbs to participate in the Daffodil Project. This is a worldwide project meant to commemorate the lives of children lost during the Holocaust.

The project is centered around this specific flower to symbolize the yellow Star of David that Jews were forced to wear during World War II as a means of identification. The goal is to plant 1.5 million flowers across the world — one daffodil for every child killed.

The Daffodil Project holds an event in Atlanta, Georgia every year to remember those who have passed due to genocide, celebrate the lives of survivors and raise awareness for humanitarian crises around the world.

As the flowers begin to blossom at Whitwell Middle, survivor Ben Klein, born at the outset of the Holocaust in 1940, will visit the school to dedicate the garden in remembrance of child victims.

Klein will begin the dedication at 1:30 p.m. Central Daylight Time on Friday, March 15, and will then follow by speaking with the students.

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