Hit & run suspect Janet Hinds released from jail on house arrest Wednesday

(Image: WTVC)

The woman accused in a deadly hit & run of a Chattanooga police officer is no longer behind bars.

Hamilton County Jail officials confirmed with NewsChannel 9 Wednesday afternoon that Janet Hinds has been released on house arrest.

According to Hamilton Co. Sheriff's Office spokesman Matt Lea, Hinds posted bail around 1:30 p.m.

Hinds was at Silverdale Detention Center, who also confirmed she is no longer at their facility.

This comes after Hinds' arraignment hearing Tuesday. During the hearing, a judge decided to cut Hinds' bond $300,000 in half, but keep her nine charges as is.

According to the terms of her house arrest, Hinds will be subject to alcohol monitoring, random drug testing, and will have to surrender her license and passport. Lea says she has been outfitted with a GPS monitoring unit.

Online court records also say Hinds has permission to return to work as postmaster of Soddy-Daisy's post office, a point her sister Cindy Mosgrove brought up while testifying at Tuesday's hearing.

"I'm afraid if she is unable to return to work in some capacity, she will lose all of her retirement that she worked for 33 years to obtain," said Mosgrove.

Mosgrove also said Tuesday that Janet cares for her elderly parents, and also has some health issues that can't be cared for at the jail.

Lea says Hinds will be supervised by Pre-Trail Services personnel under her court ordered conditions of bond.

This is a developing story - depend on us to update you as we learn more.

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