HES of Chattanooga groundbreaking, set to open new shelter Fall of 2020

Image: WTVC

City leaders, volunteers, and citizens of Chattanooga met Thursday morning for the Humane Educational Society groundbreaking.

Revealing the new name of the facility to be Foy Animal Center, named after generous donors that helped complete the amount due to finalize the project.

The Hamilton County Commission approved the $10 million for a new, 36,000-square-foot facility for HES last Nov.

Mayor Jim Coppinger spoke at the podium, thanking the public for their help making the dream of a new shelter coming true.

The new facility will be a "much-needed upgrade" from the current animal center. One HES board member says this will help not only the animals but the workers and volunteers as well.

"What it means is we're sort of rescuing an entire shelter our shelter right now has been condemned people are working in unbelievable circumstances so we're not just rescuing dogs cats other animals we're rescuing and entire shelter," says board member Beverly Coulter.

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