"He's dead": 911 call reveals terrifying moments as pilot crashed in Dalton Saturday night

Police responded to the scene of the deadly aircraft crash at Pratermill Flight Park in Dalton on September 28. (Images: WTVC, MGN)

NewsChannel 9 has learned the identity of the pilot who died in a crash in Dalton Saturday night. A friend of the pilot confirmed his identity to us.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the crash happened at the Pratermill Flight Park in Dalton. The assistant manager at the Dalton airport says the aircraft involved is called a UItralight Trike.

Bruce Cantrell is the owner of Pratermill Flight Park. He says he was there the minutes his friend came crashing down. In a 911 call, you can hear the panic in Cantrell's voice as he tries to locate his friend.

"I just saw him disappear behind the trees," Cantrell said in the 911 call. "It looked like he stalled it out."

Just seconds pass as Michael Green, the pilot, crashes the aircraft in the woods of Pratermill Flight Park. Authorities confirm Green was the only person on board.

According to the FAA's website, Green is a licensed pilot. Cantrell says Green was a retired pilot for American Airlines and a good friend to him for many years.

The Dalton Airport described the aircraft as an Ultralight Trike, similar to this photo located on FAA's website.

Cantrell says the aircraft had been stored in a hanger at Pratermill Flight Park for nearly ten years before taking it for a ride Saturday. He says they'd recently touched it up and had been taking instructor lessons. Cantrell says the aircraft stalled within minutes of takeoff and fell nearly 300 feet to the ground with Green inside.

"It sounds like he hit hard," Cantrell told the dispatcher in the call. "He said he's gone. He's dead."

The FAA and NTSB are currently investigating. They say they're still working to confirm what caused the accident.

You can depend on us to bring you more details as the NTSB publishes their preliminary report.

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