'He told me good luck' - Boy with dreams of being a cop met Officer Galinger last week

A boy who wants to be a police officer when he grows up shares his story of meeting Officer Galinger just two days before the man was killed in the line of duty. (Images: Chattanooga PD, WTVC)


Jason Snyder's family says Officer Galinger's family sent him a special gift:


During Officer Nicolas Galinger's funeral today, his father and brother talked about how proud they are to hear stories of his impact in our area.

One of those stories is from a Rossville family.

It left one little boy inspired, then heartbroken, after learning what happened to the nice officer he met last week.

Jason Snyder is just 9 years old, but he already knows he wants to be a police officer when he grows up.

"Cause they're nice and they help people," Snyder said.

His mom Kari took the family on a tour of the Chattanooga Police Services Center last week.

"The officer that we met gave us a tour of the building, and we got to meet several officers that day," Kari Snyder said.

One of the officers they met just happened to be Officer Galinger.

"He was really nice," Jason said.

"We actually met him when he was walking down the hallway and he was carrying some papers and he stopped what he was doing to speak with the kids," Kari said.

Jason asked him questions about what it's like to be an officer.

That was two days before Officer Galinger was killed after being hit by a vehicle while on the job.

Jason was watching the news coverage, and immediately recognized Galinger as the nice man who wished him well with his dream.

"He told me good luck," Jason said.

"My son now has a lot of questions and is heartbroken because of what happened to Officer Galinger," Kari said.

In another story detailing the type of officer Galinger was during his month of service, George Randall posted on Facebook that he met Galinger the morning the officer passed away.

Randall said Galinger genuinely cared about helping people during their time of need.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for Galinger's family.

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